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Accident Claims

If you have had an accident in the last 3 years that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to compensation.

You’ve probably heard this countless times before!

You may have also visited websites that allow you to calculate the compensation you are entitled to. Other websites may have promised you your compensation very quickly.

As you have been savvy enough to buy the RecoverMe product, we won’t insult your intelligence. Any professional, ethical lawyer will tell you that the level of your compensation will depend entirely on the nature of your injury and your circumstances, which may require careful examination far beyond the click of a mouse.

Furthermore, while appropriate compensation can sometimes be received very quickly, if you have a claim of any substance you may be selling yourself short by accepting the first offer made by the compensating insurer.

It’s also a matter of expertise and client care. Inexperienced lawyers, or lawyers who are perhaps in a hurry to settle your claim and get paid, may overlook certain financial aspects of your claim, such as a claim for the gratuitous care provided by your family.

As with every solicitors firm we promise to act for you under a ‘No Win no Fee’ agreement, but we offer you two additional guarantees:

  • We will devote our efforts to achieving the maximum compensation possible for your injury and your circumstances;
  • As a RecoverMe member, you will give your a discount on legal services, so increasing the compensation you receive. This discount is also available for your family and friends. Visit our Membership Discounts section for more details.

Don’t delay - to allow us to action your claim immediately.

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