The legal partner to RecoverMe, the fastest growing provider of breakdown cover in the UK.

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Legal Helpline

The RMLaw Legal Helpline has been created to help motorists with the common leagal issues which affect the mororing public.

Before using the service we do recomend that you browse our Legal FAQs section as we have published some great advice covering the following common topics, and you may well find the answer your looking for there!

  • Damage to your vehicle caused by POTHOLES and SPEED HUMPS
  • CLAMPING charges, perhaps raised by VEAS on behalf of the DVLA, or by PRIVATE COMPANIES
  • RECOVERY & STORAGE charges perhaps raised by bodyshops, or by the police in the exercise of their statutory powers
  • PARKING TICKETS issued by local councils and PRIVATE COMPANIES
  • Damage to your vehicle caused by VANDALISM
  • SPEEDING tickets and prosecutions
  • Starting a claim in the SMALL CLAIMS COURT
  • Being involved in an ACCIDENT

If you don't find the answer within our Legal FAQs then, either:

Email us with your specific query. We will endeavor to provide a written response within 24 hours. We GUARANTEE not to telephone you unless you request it, nor will we sell on your details. As solicitors we are bound by ethical codes of practice on confidentiality, but in any event we hate cold calls as much as you do.


Telephone us. One of our solicitors will be available to answer any reasonably brief enquiry, or to make a telephone appointment for any problem that needs lengthy discussion or consideration.

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Why us?

are a firm of solicitors with over 25 years experience in motoring law.
are the legal arm of RecoverMe, a company which is fast becoming synonymous with quality and value for money providing breakdown services.
offer a free Legal Helpline to RecoverMe members, as an additional benefit under your breakdown membership.
offer a discounted legal service to RecoverMe members who instruct us on specific matters.